Employee Theft is MORE than JUST money from cash register

employee theft - free isnt always free
If you've ever had an employee hand out free stuff for there own benefit, type "yes" in the comment below

Comps vs. Freebies - What is Employee Theft

Waterparks/Resorts/Aquatic facilities experience both comps and freebies.

What's the difference between employee theft and employee benefits?

Well, my definition is simple.

Comps are given out by authorized persons to enhance an experience to create positive word of mouth by people to influence others, WITHOUT PERSONAL GAIN!

Freebies are given out by those not authorized for their own personal gain or to gain favor with others. (Freebies are given out usually without the knowledge of an authorized person. Most people call this theft!)

Some examples of Comps

  • A free cabana for a guest who experienced some real or perceived poor service
  • A free Waterpark pass or passes for a competition winner
  • A free food tasting and visit for a group leader planning a large group outing
  • A free water toy with a birthday package purchase
  • A free slushy for winning a hula hoop competition
  • A request for tickets for a fundraiser
  • A documented recognition program for free uniform and lunch vouchers

Some examples of Freebies

  • Some but not all employees get a free soda
  • Some but not all employees get free food leftovers
  • A cashier taking unused tickets and reselling for personal profit
  • A cashier shortchanging to keep the overage
  • A cashier not ringing in a purchase but giving out product
  • Giving out free lunch every day so a janitor will empty their garbage for them
  • False expenses
  • Lots of company property goes missing
  • A suspiciously long case of jury duty

I think the latter comes from a sense of entitlement and the perception that 'the company can afford it, they're making lots of money'

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