You Should Always Post Strategic Content

We believe that it all starts with Strategic content. Get it right, and the rest follows.

Your content

  • tells your story
  • informs and entertains your viewers
  • sells your products and services

What is Strategic Content?

A piece of marketing content is either audio, text, pictures, or video designed to,

  • let customers know you exist
  • let customers know you can solve their problem
  • Like you
  • Trust you

When you succeed in posting Strategic content that accomplishes one or more of the above you will be moving your viewer through the sales funnel to eventually spend money with you and recommend you when the opportunity occurs.

"We believe in ABM.....Always be Marketing"

How we provide Strategic Content

We create your content with a strategic purpose in mind

Keyword targeted

High-Quality Authentic Images used whenever possible

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a thousand pictures

captions embedded in the image, because let's face it, our eyes may not make it to the text.

Images/Video Watermarked with your logo for brand recognition

Copy designed to encourage views, likes, shares, and comments



  • This is a fairly strong post with authentic pictures and an interesting caption. however, it's lacking any branding. (1)

Optimized Content

Contrast the previous actual content with this below.

  • I'm using the same font from their website
  • Using the color pairing from their website to reinforce the branding
  • The logo is watermarked on the content, so if the content is shared it will still reference the restaurant
  • The caption is added to the image but can be copied directly to the text in the post, just in case the viewer does not read further, especially important for mobile viewers
  • A hashtag is used with a local emphasis
  • A call to action is not added in this but I suggest a 'Take some Home', to also let viewers know take out is available.
  • I Rewrote the caption using some more humor compared to the original
Shepherds Pie & Banana Pudding for the couch tonight to watch the election.