What Really Decides Your Future?

Habits - the building blocks of your future

Whenever you hear the word habit, it’s very easy to first think about bad habits.

But in life there are both good habits and bad habits. Bad habits are easy to form because human nature typically moves towards doing what is easy or what feels comfortable. The only problem with this is that usually such habits are destructive in themselves. But let’s talk about good habits.

Good habits can be created, and enough good habits formed today and kept consistent can have a colossal effect 6 months, 1 year or 10 years down the line.

Today it’s almost the norm for our society to want to find quick answers to our problems, and indeed in some areas we need them. But in reality quick fixes don’t always solve the root of the problem. Take for example a medical student at university, he might tell you that he would love to know what was going to come up in an exam so he wouldn’t have to waste time studying what was irrelevant. But if this were possible would this really be to his benefit? Surely, a medical student who has formed a good habit of studying would have a better understanding of his or her profession as opposed to just having exam knowledge. In fact the famous writer Charles Dickens attributed his success to habits of punctuality, order, and the determination to focus. Ben Carson started in the 5 th grade by reading 2 children’s books a week.