Why You MUST Respond to All Your Google Reviews

While Looking At Hundreds Of Google Map Listings I Saw That 75% Did Not Respond To Any Of Their Reviews, But Did You Know Responding To All your reviews,

  1. Shows You Care About Good And Bad Reviews,
  2. It Helps Google Find You More Easily When Searched,
  3. Protects Your Online Reputation,
  4. Reminds Existing Customers Why They Paid You In The First Place And
  5. Helps Potential Customers Become Real Customers

Let the world know you care about every customer, not just the ones who complain.

What does it say to your customers when they see reviews without any response especially negative ones?

What does it say about your business when people see positive reviews ignored, but then see a lengthy response to a bad review?

It says your business cares more about your reputation than about your customers and their experiences. The truth hurts, doesn't it? (business.com)

Whether you receive a positive or negative review, it's important to respond to that review in an effort to show your customers and search engines your commitment to customer satisfaction. You've spent a great deal of time and effort attracting customers, and retaining them is just as important. By not responding to reviews, you run the risk of increasing your customer churn by 15%.

Online reviews should no longer be seen as a static or one-way flow of information. Brands need to be interacting and engaging with customers in order to create an open channel for communication. (chatmeter.com)


Enhance Your SEO efforts.

We often get asked, does responding to google reviews actually help local SEO?

And what is the importance of responding to reviews?

It's about time we settle the debate of how reviews help local SEO and rankings once and for all.

These days consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Think about it, when was the last time you didn't read the reviews about a business before visiting for the first time?

Reviews impact the success of a business more than most brands realize. When consumers say reviews influence their buying decision, review management has to be a top priority for every consumer-facing business. (chatmeter.com)

"Google Confirms Responding to Reviews Improves your Local SEO."

Protect your business reputation with trust and transparency.

When you fail to implement a reputation marketing system in your business, you leave yourself vulnerable to attack.

If you neglect your online reputation, all it takes is one or two bad reviews to cripple your business.

Did you know that just one bad review can cost your business as much as 22% of prospective customers?

Your potential to lose customers skyrockets to 59.2% if people find three negative articles or reviews about your brand. (business.com)

The fact is, when people see dozens of positive reviews and an occasional negative review, they are likely to discount the negative review – especially if the business has replied to all the reviews with honesty and transparency. People understand that companies make mistakes and can even empathize with them in certain situations. It's critical if you or an employee make a mistake that you own it and take responsibility. People will understand and forgive you if you craft appropriate and thoughtful apologies to your negative reviewers. (business.com)nd reminds customers why they chose you in the first place.

Increase the lifetime value of your customers.

When you respond to your customers' reviews, you have the golden opportunity to market to your existing customers. Did you know that when you respond to a customer review, the customer will know that you replied? Most review platforms notify customers when the business responds to their review. This is an easy way to make your existing clients feel appreciated, and they are much more likely to become repeat customers. (business.com)

Too many business owners and entrepreneurs are so focused on acquiring new customers that they ignore their existing ones. Do you believe a customer will be more inclined to do business with you again and refer you to new customers when you express your gratitude publicly to their positive review? Exactly. (business.com)


  • 97 percent of consumers read online reviews?
  • If you get reviews from customers then review response has to be a priority by becoming a daily/weekly todo item.
  • Most people know that you cannot please 100% of the people 100% of the time.
  • The results of the survey found that reviews accounted for 15.44% of how Google ranks a local business.
  • By responding to reviews give you an opportunity to repeat keywords that sends a signal to the google algorithm that your viewers are in the right place for what they are searching for and increasing your ranking opportunities
  • 53% of customers expect a reply on review sites.
  • 47% of people said they write reviews to “be helpful to other potential customers”

When consumers say reviews influence their buying decision, review management has to be a top priority for every consumer-facing business. (chatmeter.com)