You're Not A Magician If You Only Know How The Trick Is Done

In the 1990's Street Magic became popular and like many people I wanted to learn how how many of the effects were done, So I watched videos, paid for props and practiced. When I got good enough I performed a few card tricks and flourishes and enjoyed seeing the looks of genuine puzzlement. When I saw other people show some of their magic stuff I noticed a person here or there would like to 'publicly ruin' the effect by correctly or incorrectly guessing to all how the trick was done.

I decided at this point that I wouldn't do the same because I knew the practice involved and how hard it was to perform, without making a mistake. It really Irked me that some people would get enjoyment or make themselves feel clever outing the magician even though they couldnt perform the trick themselves.


"Master the Basics"

So what does this have to do with anything..........

Well, If you're like me and I think that you are, you want to absorb all the information you can but you never really Learn the material.

Catch yourself if you say or think things like....

'yeah I know all about digital marketing', I watched a youtube video on that

'yeah Seo I know how to do that', I read a blog

' customer service, yes I know all about that', I worked for 6 months in a hotel

So what's the takeaway.........

  • Be aware you won't know what you dont know!
  • The first steps in making progress is knowing that you don't know
  • Knowing how something is roughly done is not the same as being able to do it like a master
  • Watching a video doesn't make you an expert
  • Having a few months of experience doesn't automatically make you a master
  • You can only really call yourself a magician if you can perform a trick consistently well and someone can't tell how it's done

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Don't be afraid of the man who has practised 10,000 punches, once. Be afraid of the man who has practised one punch 10,000 times.